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Nutrition is key to staying healthy and getting the most out of your training. 
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I have worked with more than 5,000 people around the world.
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I love your workouts Kellen! I did the level 1 movnat training, have used your YouTube channel, and now Playbook for programming and inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your talent! You've become a household name in our family!
Massive amount of gratitude for you and the material you provide on this platform. I have been using it daily recently! I have had 2 ACL surgeries and have had real difficulty getting activation and strength - I feel your different and new variety of exercises for me really get the juices flowing compared to the past and I can feel my progress!
I loved this primal movement! This was so much more fun than ANY other workouts I've done at home. Thank you for making this available!
I appreciate YOU so much. I am feeling so much freedom and joy like crazy from your practices. Awesome workout! It really got the energy up and moved everything organically. It felt amazing and used everything from all angles but most of all let my body and breath move freely. I love your movement style! Thank you so much, Kellen!
Just wanted to let you know I’ve really fallen in love with your workouts! I have worked out my entire life and just recently got into primal movement/natural movement which gave me an entirely different perspective on movement itself. You are doing an amazing job! Really good instructor. 
Meet Kellen Milad
The way I see it, fitness should honor both your body and mind. Fitness is the confidence and freedom to move well for a lifetime. I'm eager to share with you a fresh perspective on movement and fitness to defy your age and stay fit for life!

I spent years “chasing” my fitness goals and pushing my body to the limits. This approach got me in great shape...but at the cost of my health and happiness. I was feeling "old" in my 20s - overuse injuries, stiff muscles, and aching joints. Mentally, I felt like a slave to my workout & nutrition regimen. I was burning out and knew I needed a different approach for the long run.

My life changed when I was introduced to Natural Movement. I started to redesign my fitness around a balanced lifestyle. This simpler, more intuitive approach allowed me to better listen to my body and still make unbelievable gains in strength & mobility. Now, I'm on a mission to help the masses become NATURALLY FIT!

I'm a MovNat Master Instructor and the creator of Movement Parallels Life coaching. I'm excited to partner with Playbook to bring you my best practices and programming to help you elevate your fitness and live a higher quality of life. Play on!